Hello, it’s mid December 2022 and I am writing my first blog post in about a decade. I’ll keep it short as I am rusty.

I’ve quietly uploaded a few early Ragwort Wood strips. I guess that means this project is real now. I’ve been noodling away at Ragwort Wood between other more chaotic goings on this year. It’s a little pocket universe that’s been a source of glee for me in an otherwise kinda bleak span of time. Finishing my last big book (in the middle of the acute phase of the pandemic) burnt me out phsyically and mentally. Ragwort Wood is proving to be the remedy to a lot of that. I am exploring it slowly and quietly to begin with. Longer storylines keep nudging at the door of my brain. Not sure if I want to let them in yet, or if I do: in what format to release them. We will see, I guess.

Quietly excited to see where this story ends up.