An Interruption.

Panel 1: a white rat looks up and back at a sliver of light that was, until a couple of moments ago, the wide entrance to a cave. We can see a couple of tooth-like protuberances jutting out of the crack. It is gloomy on the interior of this cave. Mushrooms sprout from the cave floor, mossy plants grow from the ceiling near the entrance.

Panel 2: the rat pads deeper into the cave. Something pink and shiny dangles from the cave ceiling. The mushrooms bioluminesce. 

Panel 3: bathed in pink light, the rat pauses and looks into the gloom.

Panel 4: From the gloomy belly of the cave, two amphibians - a frog and a toad - look back at the rat. Their card game has been distubed and they are evidently disgruntled.
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